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Welcome to my blog. I’m new to this blogging stuff, please bear with me. As of this writing I’m in the creation stage of this blog.
I hope to bring interesting content, as well as, information, information on upcoming  events, and acti

vities you’ll find entertaining and useful. Feel free to check it out. If you wish to find out more about me click on the link in the links section.

Throughout the week, at various hours you can find me on DFBHD(TS). This is done do to my work hours. Some people go to movies, bars, out for dinner, and other things. Sometimes these activities are not available, especially after hours. I like to go to the game to get away from TV, chores, reading, and of course work. It keeps my mind sharp, my motor skills challenged, and my eye/hand coördination up to speed at my age. If you’d like to join the rest of us on DFBHD(TS) go here and learn more. If your wondering what DFBHD(TS) stands for it’s Delta Force Black Hawk Down and Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre. Game(s) by Novalogic®. You can learn more at Novalogic® or Novaworld® web sites.

I do have other interests and the associated tab will take you to that page for viewing. Feel free to like this page and comment at any time.