blackhawkThere is all kinds of events I get into here. From DFBHD and DFBHDTS tournaments to personal events outside the game arena. There’s Holiday events. Events of interest. Even other people’s events they’ve shared. My blog is quite open for a lot of stuff.

Do to my various interests, such as web design and application, small business administration, gaming, music creation, and more. There will be several listings with a mix of comments. But about this page, it focuses on events and upcoming events. Feel free to comment. If your comment has to do with an event, I’ll post it here.



Well, it’s that time again. Our national holiday celebrating our independence. I thought I would simply remind everyone to please be careful with the fireworks. This weather has made it very hazardous for fires. Safety is important, especially for the children, and teaching them proper safety measures.

Be safe and have a good time. For those of you who drink, please drink responsibly. – Wiredrick


One response to “Events

  1. My friends 14yr. old daughter is enjoying her birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chelsie.

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