DFBHD-TS Game Install instructions

DFBHDThank you for your interest in this great online game and community. All you need is this file, a internet connection (preferably a broadband connection), and a computer with a good graphics card. Not to worry the install will let you know. You can search for the specs on the web, no problem. You’ll need to download the file and unzip it. There are free unzippers like 7-zip, Ken Ward’s Zipper, and the free download trial winzip. Simply unzip the file and your almost done. After unzipping the file your going to want to create a shortcut to put on your desk top. To do this, open the DFBHD file you just unzipped and look for the .exe file.  (i.e. the icon is of the army guy, check properties and make sure it’s the .exe file. The other is for the mission editor you don’t want that one.) Now that you’ve found the right file,  right-click and select make shortcut. After making the shortcut look for it in the file. Simply left click on it and hold down the button and drag the shortcut icon to the desk top. That’s it. Close out everything and double-click on the shortcut, you just put on the desktop, and follow the instructions. Once complete, your ready to go online and play the game.

Note: You do have to have an account with Novalogic® to play online. I was able to do this because I had registered the purchased version and product key years earlier. I think you can go to Novalogic’s web site and get a free account though. If you haven’t done that visit the forums or go to their store and buy it. It’s cheap. Less then you would pay for you and a friend to go to the movies, and last for years. I’ve played there since 1997. If you need more information on the game you can do the following;

Google search “DFBHD” and “DFBHDTS”. For images and vids just add that to the search. There’s plenty of information out there.

This version does not require the key and was released by Novalogic.


Where do I get the file? You might ask and here’s the answer. All you have to do is go here and download it. It is already zipped.

That’s it.

Feel free to like or comment on this page or the information it has. We review all suggestions and I’ll post comments on the good ones. I will consider using those suggestions.



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