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RolodexI found myself quite overwhelmed with all the information I have to keep track of just doing what I do. Phone numbers, eMail addresses, and other important data that I deal with all the time. However, today I found what I was looking for. Sure, there’s a lot of software out there that does way more than what I found, with the cost of complexity or memory consumption. So I went looking to find a simple yet powerful system like a Rolodex

Remembering the good old days where you can turn this dial, pull out a card, write on it and put it back was great. It was on Johnny on the spot. On the phone no problem. Today as long as you have the software open it’s even better. That’s why I wanted to mention this card file system that’s really cool. It’s called AZZ Cardfile. It’s a simple program with a lot of punch. I like it because it takes care of all that information you need quickly and efficiently without using up a lot of memory. I was able to enter in 22 pages of data (i.e. links, email addresses, phone numbers, contact information, login data, etc.) in about two and a half hours. It would normally be an all day project for me. I was so amazed that I thought I’d write about it. If you want to visit their site simply go to the link, Rolodex, it has all the information you’ll need. Until next time this is wiredrick signing off.



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